VIDEO: Students, Would you Like to Join A Press Club?

On February, 19th , I went to a meeting organized by the Columbia University Association of Black Journalists.I took this opportunity to ask Columbia  journalism students if they might be interested in joining a Student Press Club (see video).  Here are some ideas they suggested: 

- Share ideas, discover new things 

- Make contacts and new friends 

- Be in an environment with similar interests or specialization 


A week later, I asked the same questions to random individuals at Astor Place, NY.Here are some remarks which I found interesting:  

- Name your company: The name of my idea should be specific and functional. As it is the first element one encounters, my project's name should have a voice to avoid misperception. Don't forget that people use associations.  

- The value of these events: Why will people come to these events and how will they have an impact on people's business?  Don't forget that most New Yorkers want to have new clients. 

- Determine your business location: street, city, and state. New York has always been a center for media. It is home for “Creative Content 2.0,” with for instance "The Huffington Post" or "the Daily Candy".