Presentation : What is My French Café?

My French Café is a reporting section I created  to test my project. 

It hosts a weekly workshop where journalism students and other aspiring journalists interested in foreign news reporting can get together.  

This idea came from personal experiences I have over the past months. Originally from Paris, France, I arrived in New York a few months ago to study journalism at New York University. The city is an excellent  place for reporting on events and experimenting with new forms of journalism. However, I also felt the need to share my experiences outside the classroom walls with other young  journalists interested in foreign affairs.  

New York offers plenty of events for journalists but no place where aspiring journalists can meet to share their projects and perfect their skills together.  

The goal of my project is to share ideas, test new formats and experiment new creative forms of journalism.  Each week, accomplished and recognized journalists will come to share their experiences and gave us advices.

My French Café is a place to:

-       Build a network of young journalists interested in foreign news reporting

-        Boost your creativity, inspiration and innovation

-       Share your project and find resources

In our world, journalism practices require excellence, a skill we can hone together!

Enjoy and don’t forget your laptop!