Female Veterans Pose Homeless Challenge for VA

Veteran Penelope McClenan

Veteran Penelope McClenan


Veterans’ need for services often don’t emerge until they’ve been discharged for a while, says a spokesperson with a poverty relief group. « It usually takes several years before he or she starts to reach a point of crisis. »

2014 Boston Marathon: The Faces of Hope

13970563445_b1d0a4c9d3_z  A little more than a year after the bombings that killed three and injured more than 260 others, we spoke with spectators and asked them to reflect on their feelings. Here are some of their stories.


Statue of Liberty reopens

13OCT13-Statue of Liberty reopens29National Park Service workers at the Statue of Liberty were called back to work on Sunday morning as the Statue of Liberty reopened its doors to visitors.

Volunteers encourage Obamacare sign ups in Union Square

As the U.S. government shutdown entered its second week, a handful of President Barack Obama’s campaign volunteers came out on Thursday to handout information on the Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare at Union Square in Manhattan.

NYC Marathon: Resilience in the Bronx

IMG_8604On this windy Sunday morning, hundreds of New York City Marathon supporters came to the South Bronx to welcome and cheer 50,740 runners competing in the 26 mile race. This year, the race was marked by memories of the Boston Marathon bombings and Hurricane Sandy.


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